GN Underwater Hockey

Northern Gauteng Underwater Hockey

The province is situated in the north of Gauteng Province. It is run by a committee which are active players trying to improve underwater hockey in the province.

The Northern Gauteng Province has 2 clubs at the moment. TUKS Sport Club for the students and senior player and PUC for junior players.

Below are the details of each club with contact details and practice times


PUC Club

Practice Days: Tuesdays and Thurdays
Times: 18:30 - 20:00
Contact: Nico Bos - 083 236 8891


Tuks Club

Practice Days: Monday and Thurdays
Times: 19:20 - 21:00
Mens Contact: Rudolf - 082 677 9158
Womens Contact: Marli - 082 389 9384